Hair Heat Protectant Available For You

Are you always out in the sun and your hair is exposed? Feeling more heat in your fine hair because of the intensely hot weather? I’m sure you’re thinking about the most effective way to protect it. Or what is the best heat protectant for fine hair that you can use? Well, I had that same problem before and I’m now going to share with you the products I found.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Oat Milk Heat Protection Spray

The Garnier Ultimate Blends Oat Milk Heat Protection Spray is made of rice and oat cream that looks like a milky liquid. With this, it can protect your hair from the heat that’s up to 230°C, so rest assured no damage will happen. It also makes your hair shinier and smoother and that is a big help in creating the styles you want. Plus, whether you have fine hair or not, you can still use this product. Unfortunately, it’s currently out of stock in most stores and even online shops but you can try searching sites from overseas maybe they still have stocks.

TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Protectant

The TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Protectant is the next on our items that are amazing on styling and curling. This product has marula oil that can keep the moisture in your scalp and keratin proteins to make sure it’s protected. Moreover, it’s actually very light when you apply not similar to other products that are too greasy and heavy. Thus, getting that professional look while staying at home is possible with this. And honestly, TRESemmé is known for producing excellent merchandise, so these really stand up to its name with the affordable price of $9 – $11.

Oribe Run-Through Detangling Primer

TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Protectant

I have now the Oribe Run-Through Detangling Primer that you can get for $19 – 1.7 ounce and $37 – 5.9 ounce. I loved that it’s an organic product because of the watermelon, lychee, coconut, apricot, and hibiscus extract ingredient that is really healthy for the hair and scalp. I even read a review that it can be used on cats and it worked great because it made their fur loosen and the comb just slides through. I guess this means it can be used for pets and people without any problems. All in all, it’s really awesome, it’s just that I think a bit pricey for me but if you have a budget then you should try it.

GHD Heat Protect Spray

The GHD Heat Protect Spray 4 Fl Oz is perfect to use if you are always using a hair dryer, curling iron, or flat irons because it works like a shield to protect your hair from heat. On top of that, its effect will not change even though you will be using more styling products. It’s quite cool that your hair will still be soft and smooth at the end even after applying the other products. It’s hard to find that item that fits with your routine, so this is really a big thumb up but one thing I noticed is the smell. It’s like you put on your dad’s or brother’s strong cologne, even so, if you’ll be able to tolerate it especially since it’s just $20 then just continue using it.

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Restructuring Bond Repair Leave-in Heat Protection Spray

Now for our last product, the Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Restructuring Bond Repair Leave-in Heat Protection Spray is rich with vitamins B5, B6, C, E and biotin. By these vitamins, it creates a barrier that can protect the hair from frizz, breakage, and split ends. Also, it closes the cuticle that leaves your hair soft, controllable, and easy to style. It will also give you thermal protection up to 450°F/232°C. Aside from that, it’s clinically-proven that can really help strengthen, lessen the breakage, and split ends for 99%.

These entire products are superb especially that they were able to do its purposes. You have an option if you’re ready to spend that much or not but always think about if it will be effective on you or not. Right now, I love the GHD Protect Spray not only is it still on the affordable range but it’s a big help when I’ ’m doing my daily routine. I can bear the smell so it’s fine and it’s not sticky or greasy which I really like to that’s why I still use it up till today. Now you can use this as a reference if you are still not sure what to buy and I hope this can help you make your choice.

How to choose luxury cosmetics

Elite cosmetics, in their own way, are the best, selected cosmetics. The price of elite cosmetics is sometimes confusing, to put it mildly. The cost of luxury cosmetics reaches a thousand dollars and more. For example, Gold Rush nail polish is priced at $ 130,740, while Guerlain Diamond-Studded Lipstick costs over $ 62,000. Is it possible that luxury cosmetics contain cosmetic components that are not found in any other cosmetics?

Many experts believe that cosmetics created on the basis of high-quality, natural ingredients, on expensive, high-tech equipment, cannot be cheap.

In the manufacture of elite decorative cosmetics, ingredients such as talc are used of a higher quality than in conventional cosmetics, therefore, the color of the cosmetics will be more persistent and more intense. Many rare cosmetic components are imported from abroad, which also increases the cost of the cosmetic. And cosmetics made according to new recipes and formulas will be many times more expensive than those made according to well-known formulas and put on stream. The quality of the texture preparation is also of great importance.

Cosmetics will be applied more evenly and adhere to the skin much better and more efficiently if the particles of the structure of the cosmetic are finer. To obtain such particles, more expensive and complex equipment is required, and accordingly, the costs will be much higher. But despite all the above reasons, the cost of luxury cosmetics does not correspond to its costs at all. Sometimes elite cosmetics contain the same ingredients as regular natural cosmetics that can be purchased ifgo to , with a difference only in the quality of processing of cosmetic components.

Well, what’s the matter then? After all, not a single cosmetic company in the world can offer the secret of eternal youth in a jar of elite cosmetics, for which a cosmetic company would take such money.

The fact is that the cosmetics market, like any other, exists according to the law “there is a demand, there will be supply.” And there will always be a demand for luxury cosmetics as long as there are people who are able to pay for it. Not a single rich person will buy ordinary cosmetics, even if they are much more effective than elite cosmetics, since this will lower his social status, a rich person, in front of others. Therefore, it is not so important what will be in the coveted jar, the name of cosmetics, overgrown with an incredible long-standing legend, and how the packaging of cosmetics itself will look like is much more important.

Often, a package of luxury cosmetics costs more than half of the principal. In luxury cosmetics, you will not find the primitive plastic material used in conventional cosmetics.

In some cases, a bottle or jar with elite cosmetics is designed by a famous designer and is a piece goods. For the design of cases and tubes of expensive luxury cosmetics, precious metals and diamonds are used. Therefore, elite cosmetics are more suitable for emphasizing their high status as a rich person in front of other people than for their direct purpose.

Wooden bikes and Carbon fiber luxury bike

The Italian brand Bugatti has collaborated with PG to launch a carbon fiber bike. The car is positioned as the lightest bike in the world.

The bike, apparently, is intended for those who have already bought a Bugatti Chiron and do not know where else to spend their money. And perhaps for those who just want to play sports and do not think about costs. After all, a lightweight and reliable bike is so nice.

The device is called PG Bugatti Bike. Design from Bugatti, development from PG, production from Kussmaul. Weight – less than 5 kg!

At the same time, the bicycle has a separate warning that it is a sports equipment and is not intended for riding on public roads.

The bike is 95% carbon fiber. Almost everything in it is made of this durable and at the same time lightweight material. Except for tires, chains, sprockets and a few other small parts.

At the request of the client, a bicycle can be prepared for him, as much as possible compatible with his already standing in the garage “Bugatti”. Match the color, use a specific type of leather, and so on.

The company also states that all carbon elements are handcrafted using pre-fabricated materials and techniques found exclusively in the motorsport and aviation industries. Everything to guarantee the lowest possible weight and high strength.

All frame parts are optimized for aerodynamics and the handles are shock-absorbed for increased comfort.

The official website does not list the price of this bike, but according to unconfirmed reports, prices in the price list start at $ 35,000.

Gucci luxury bikes

Gucci has launched a collection of high-end city bikes. Designed by Frida Giannini, Creative Director of Gucci, and built by Bianchi, the bike is priced at $ 6,200 for the white version and $ 14,000 for the matte black carbon model.

Both models have a recognizable brand style in decoration. The collection also includes helmets and gloves. All of this will be on sale in select Gucci boutiques and Branchi store in Stockholm.

Luxury wooden bikes from Materia Bikes

Unlike carbon or titanium, hardwoods such as walnut, ash, cherry, or African mahogany have nothing to do with  building high quality bicycles . The European company Materia Bikes is successfully working and debunking this stereotype – creating these magnificent handmade bicycles.

Each frame is handcrafted from precious woods, and the seat and handlebars are finished in leather. Each bike takes two weeks to make. Before final assembly, the wooden frame is mechanically tested for strength on a special stand. Considering materials and handcrafting, the price of Materia Bikes wooden bikes is considerable, starting at $ 4900.

Luxury on wheels: how much do Lionel Messi’s cars cost

We all know that world-famous sports stars love to live in a big way: buying luxury real estate, using private jets and purchasing expensive and sometimes exclusive cars. One of the best players in the history of modern football, Lionel Messi, was no exception to this rule . Let’s take a look at his fleet and find out which car models the champion preferred.

Ferrari F430 Spider

One of the cars of the Argentinean is the sports car Ferrari F430 Spider. At Messi’s request, the car was repainted in gray and refined in a car workshop. The base cost of the F430 exceeds $ 186 thousand, but, having decided to paint, Lionel significantly increased the price of this model – up to $ 250 thousand.

Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti

Messi seems to have a passion for the Italian brand. Indeed, in 2016 the Barcelona striker became the owner of the most expensive Ferrari in the world. Messi paid $ 34.5 million for the car. The Spanish AS even reported that Cristiano Ronaldo himself was the main competitor in the auction for the rare car. We won’t be surprised if this is really the case!

Range Rover Vogue

The SUV attracts attention with its appearance and impressive size. Its price is slightly more than $ 150 thousand. It is this car that Messi uses almost constantly. The Argentinian uses it during everyday life, which is not surprising, because such a model is comfortable and roomy.

Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale

The SUV attracts attention with its appearance and impressive size. Its price is slightly more than $ 150 thousand. It is this car that Messi uses almost constantly. The Argentinian uses it during everyday life, which is not surprising, because such a model is comfortable and roomy.

Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale

The car features a 4.2-liter V8 engine, which is the most powerful in its class. The car was purchased by a football player in 2011. The minimum cost of a sports car is now $ 173 thousand. According to rumors, the footballer later gave the car to a friend, as the Argentine’s wife was afraid that Lionel would crash.

Mini Cooper S Cabriolet

The miniature car was one of the first in Messi’s garage. Now it can be bought for a price around $ 30 thousand. The Barcelona striker liked the small classic English car because of its practicality. Despite its modest size, Mini Cooper accelerates to 220 km / h.


Luxury homes are a common dream among many people, after all, they provide the most modern and comfortable in environments that add refinement, style and elegance. But decorating luxury homes is definitely not an easy task!

As much as we have access to magazines and the internet full of photos of the most incredible houses in the world, this task requires a very large alignment between the wishes and taste of the owners of the house with the trends and details of each style of decoration, after all, a luxury home needs to impress personality.

What really defines the decoration of luxury homes, goes far beyond the value of the furniture or the money invested in building the environment. The luxury decor differs by the details! Thinking about it, we selected some tips for you to stay on top of this subject!

How to Decorate Luxury Homes?

Many still have Hollywood and classic houses in their heads as a model of luxury decoration, but today it is not quite like that! Currently, luxury does not refer only to golden pieces, marble floors and crystal pendants!

Many other characteristics have become synonymous with grandeur, such as gardens and landscaping in general. The differentials of the pool, the children’s area or even the gourmet balcony. The composition of each environment, the finishes and each detail (such as that design piece that defines your style), are part of the luxury decoration in today’s times.

Functionality and Quality

A luxurious interior is a feast for the eyes with layers of colors, textures and visually stimulating shapes. A luxurious environment should bring a feeling of comfort and refinement for residents and visitors. But we must never forget two points, functionality and durability!

Regarding functionality:

Avoid opting for objects, technologies, furniture and buildings that are not useful to you on a daily basis. When decorating luxury homes, many people end up transforming the environment into a true “storage of useless things”, it is something more common than we imagine!

Often we get excited about newly launched products, fashion or even environments that we see in the homes of others, but that when we take it into our day to day, it has no use. There is no use in an abandoned design piece in a corner of the room, a sofa that no one sits on, a state-of-the-art telescope used once on the day of purchase or a screen that never turns on.

A luxury space also values ​​mobility, an excess of pieces to deviate when walking around the house can also bring regret over time! Although the aesthetic appeal of the furniture is of great importance, don’t forget the functionality as a main element.

Regarding quality and durability:

High quality materials and specialized labor guarantee the durability of the spaces. A luxury home should remain an object to be enjoyed over time, so it cannot become outdated quickly, let alone wear out easily over time.

Always choose materials that are highly resistant and durable, nothing more annoying than worrying about a floor that stains or scratches easily, a wood or upholstery that is extremely difficult to keep clean. This can become a headache both on a daily basis and even more when receiving guests. Therefore, when choosing materials, it is always good to check these characteristics.