How to choose luxury cosmetics

Elite cosmetics, in their own way, are the best, selected cosmetics. The price of elite cosmetics is sometimes confusing, to put it mildly. The cost of luxury cosmetics reaches a thousand dollars and more. For example, Gold Rush nail polish is priced at $ 130,740, while Guerlain Diamond-Studded Lipstick costs over $ 62,000. Is it possible that luxury cosmetics contain cosmetic components that are not found in any other cosmetics?

Many experts believe that cosmetics created on the basis of high-quality, natural ingredients, on expensive, high-tech equipment, cannot be cheap.

In the manufacture of elite decorative cosmetics, ingredients such as talc are used of a higher quality than in conventional cosmetics, therefore, the color of the cosmetics will be more persistent and more intense. Many rare cosmetic components are imported from abroad, which also increases the cost of the cosmetic. And cosmetics made according to new recipes and formulas will be many times more expensive than those made according to well-known formulas and put on stream. The quality of the texture preparation is also of great importance.

Cosmetics will be applied more evenly and adhere to the skin much better and more efficiently if the particles of the structure of the cosmetic are finer. To obtain such particles, more expensive and complex equipment is required, and accordingly, the costs will be much higher. But despite all the above reasons, the cost of luxury cosmetics does not correspond to its costs at all. Sometimes elite cosmetics contain the same ingredients as regular natural cosmetics that can be purchased ifgo to , with a difference only in the quality of processing of cosmetic components.

Well, what’s the matter then? After all, not a single cosmetic company in the world can offer the secret of eternal youth in a jar of elite cosmetics, for which a cosmetic company would take such money.

The fact is that the cosmetics market, like any other, exists according to the law “there is a demand, there will be supply.” And there will always be a demand for luxury cosmetics as long as there are people who are able to pay for it. Not a single rich person will buy ordinary cosmetics, even if they are much more effective than elite cosmetics, since this will lower his social status, a rich person, in front of others. Therefore, it is not so important what will be in the coveted jar, the name of cosmetics, overgrown with an incredible long-standing legend, and how the packaging of cosmetics itself will look like is much more important.

Often, a package of luxury cosmetics costs more than half of the principal. In luxury cosmetics, you will not find the primitive plastic material used in conventional cosmetics.

In some cases, a bottle or jar with elite cosmetics is designed by a famous designer and is a piece goods. For the design of cases and tubes of expensive luxury cosmetics, precious metals and diamonds are used. Therefore, elite cosmetics are more suitable for emphasizing their high status as a rich person in front of other people than for their direct purpose.