Luxury homes are a common dream among many people, after all, they provide the most modern and comfortable in environments that add refinement, style and elegance. But decorating luxury homes is definitely not an easy task!

As much as we have access to magazines and the internet full of photos of the most incredible houses in the world, this task requires a very large alignment between the wishes and taste of the owners of the house with the trends and details of each style of decoration, after all, a luxury home needs to impress personality.

What really defines the decoration of luxury homes, goes far beyond the value of the furniture or the money invested in building the environment. The luxury decor differs by the details! Thinking about it, we selected some tips for you to stay on top of this subject!

How to Decorate Luxury Homes?

Many still have Hollywood and classic houses in their heads as a model of luxury decoration, but today it is not quite like that! Currently, luxury does not refer only to golden pieces, marble floors and crystal pendants!

Many other characteristics have become synonymous with grandeur, such as gardens and landscaping in general. The differentials of the pool, the children’s area or even the gourmet balcony. The composition of each environment, the finishes and each detail (such as that design piece that defines your style), are part of the luxury decoration in today’s times.

Functionality and Quality

A luxurious interior is a feast for the eyes with layers of colors, textures and visually stimulating shapes. A luxurious environment should bring a feeling of comfort and refinement for residents and visitors. But we must never forget two points, functionality and durability!

Regarding functionality:

Avoid opting for objects, technologies, furniture and buildings that are not useful to you on a daily basis. When decorating luxury homes, many people end up transforming the environment into a true “storage of useless things”, it is something more common than we imagine!

Often we get excited about newly launched products, fashion or even environments that we see in the homes of others, but that when we take it into our day to day, it has no use. There is no use in an abandoned design piece in a corner of the room, a sofa that no one sits on, a state-of-the-art telescope used once on the day of purchase or a screen that never turns on.

A luxury space also values ​​mobility, an excess of pieces to deviate when walking around the house can also bring regret over time! Although the aesthetic appeal of the furniture is of great importance, don’t forget the functionality as a main element.

Regarding quality and durability:

High quality materials and specialized labor guarantee the durability of the spaces. A luxury home should remain an object to be enjoyed over time, so it cannot become outdated quickly, let alone wear out easily over time.

Always choose materials that are highly resistant and durable, nothing more annoying than worrying about a floor that stains or scratches easily, a wood or upholstery that is extremely difficult to keep clean. This can become a headache both on a daily basis and even more when receiving guests. Therefore, when choosing materials, it is always good to check these characteristics.