Фестиваль "Izmir International Fair" Измир, Турция

Наши ходулисты приняли участие на международной выставке - "Izmir International Fair" Измир, Турция. Там были представлены новые, необчные, яркие костюмы на ходулях. Веселили публику фестиваля, девочки на маленьких ходулях и большие ходулисты высотой до 3-х метров, идя в карнавальном шествие.


Having been home to a large number of civilizations throughout its history, Izmir was also the host of the first fair in the history of Turkey. Izmir International Fair, the first and the most comprehensive commercial fair of Turkey organized 84 years ago despite war, famine and crises, is opening its door to the future for the 85th time. 

This year, the theme of the Izmir International Fair, which is different for each year, will be “INNOVATION”. The most important brands of the world and of Turkey will meet in Kültürpark in Izmir where great steps have been taken to create a city of design and innovation. Izmir International Fair will be a new platform in which innovators, academicians and private sector representatives will be able to introduce innovation to the public. 

With its slogan “The Future Lies in Izmir”, 85th Izmir International Fair will progress in line with change and innovation; and it will continue its innovation theme in the following years by bringing future to Izmir.

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The future will meet in Izmir …