Wooden bikes and Carbon fiber luxury bike

The Italian brand Bugatti has collaborated with PG to launch a carbon fiber bike. The car is positioned as the lightest bike in the world.

The bike, apparently, is intended for those who have already bought a Bugatti Chiron and do not know where else to spend their money. And perhaps for those who just want to play sports and do not think about costs. After all, a lightweight and reliable bike is so nice.

The device is called PG Bugatti Bike. Design from Bugatti, development from PG, production from Kussmaul. Weight – less than 5 kg!

At the same time, the bicycle has a separate warning that it is a sports equipment and is not intended for riding on public roads.

The bike is 95% carbon fiber. Almost everything in it is made of this durable and at the same time lightweight material. Except for tires, chains, sprockets and a few other small parts.

At the request of the client, a bicycle can be prepared for him, as much as possible compatible with his already standing in the garage “Bugatti”. Match the color, use a specific type of leather, and so on.

The company also states that all carbon elements are handcrafted using pre-fabricated materials and techniques found exclusively in the motorsport and aviation industries. Everything to guarantee the lowest possible weight and high strength.

All frame parts are optimized for aerodynamics and the handles are shock-absorbed for increased comfort.

The official website does not list the price of this bike, but according to unconfirmed reports, prices in the price list start at $ 35,000.

Gucci luxury bikes

Gucci has launched a collection of high-end city bikes. Designed by Frida Giannini, Creative Director of Gucci, and built by Bianchi, the bike is priced at $ 6,200 for the white version and $ 14,000 for the matte black carbon model.

Both models have a recognizable brand style in decoration. The collection also includes helmets and gloves. All of this will be on sale in select Gucci boutiques and Branchi store in Stockholm.

Luxury wooden bikes from Materia Bikes

Unlike carbon or titanium, hardwoods such as walnut, ash, cherry, or African mahogany have nothing to do with  building high quality bicycles . The European company Materia Bikes is successfully working and debunking this stereotype – creating these magnificent handmade bicycles.

Each frame is handcrafted from precious woods, and the seat and handlebars are finished in leather. Each bike takes two weeks to make. Before final assembly, the wooden frame is mechanically tested for strength on a special stand. Considering materials and handcrafting, the price of Materia Bikes wooden bikes is considerable, starting at $ 4900.